Defining Vision for a Beauty Brand

  • A Passionate Founder
  • A solution to a problem
  • An innovative and unique something – ingredients, technology, point-of-view
  • Visually impactful and appealing packaging, imagery, digital content
  • The ability to build advocacy and community with the purpose of the brand

Beauty Brand Execution: 5 P’s, all done right simultaneously!

  • PRODUCT: Good “goop,” Packaging that works and is compliant with local regulatory standards and Trademark considerations, Inventory of the right products in the right places, Appropriate retail price, COGs that make sense
  • PEOPLE: Internal Infrastructure plan, Recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training
  • PRESENTATION: Visually consistent across all touchpoints, clearly communicating the brand message
  • PROMOTION: Marketing strategy and follow through to include PR, Social media, advertising, and consumer promotions:  events, special value items and kits, gifts with purchase and sampling.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Product development partners, PR and digital media resources – influencers and advocates, retailers