Plan for success and manage to excellence:

The plan is a comprehensive financial strategy including different scenarios  and distribution options and all costs associated. The planning process includes:

  • Evaluating the brand position and refining as needed for various distribution options
  • Determining the best distribution options to meet client needs
  • Developing the financial plan to include sales forecasts, inventory needs, marketing and infrastructure costs
  • Preparing the Marketing strategy and sourcing partners to execute including PR, Digital and Social Media, Product Development including Packaging, Sampling and Instore fixturing
  • Developing a Business Plan, if needed to secure funding or attract partners.

Creating a successful retailer relationship involves:

  • A unique message and ultimately a unique introduction
  • Outreach that includes retailer specific messaging and presentations
  • Partnering with the brand on all meetings and presentations, resulting in distribution
  • Negotiating all terms of business and contract reviews on behalf of the brand
  • Providing on-going account management services including relationships with the retailers’ Planning, Marketing and Merchant teams.

From Operations, Digital & Social Media, Marketing, Sales and Education, these positions become necessary at different points in the brand life cycle:

  • Developing the infrastructure plan phased in based on volume & distribution
  • Recruiting, hiring, and training staff on the brand’s behalf
  • Creating the on-boarding plan as well as on-going career development
  • Establishing supply chain resources

Education provides the fuel for the fire when it comes to Beauty brand success, crucial for online as well as brick and mortar selling:

  • Creating compelling content to differentiate the brand
  • >Delivering the education presentation to retailer’s staff
  • Participating in all retailer education events and ‘Train the Trainer’ activities
  • Developing immersive environments to launch products and retail relationships